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Software Development

You need a good website that looks amazing and actually works .That's my specialty. If you want to learn more about me and want to work with me , give me a call or email me.

I create quality code snippets,plugins,and other hacks.


There are exclusive for python lovers and will offer custom design options with easy to understand instructions.


The plugins will provide my best products that i have been creating over the years


Learn from my mistake and let me show you how to accomplish unique sections of your product that will impress.

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My Latest projects

Road inspection tool

school project

Road inspection tool

automated inventory control tool

forth year school project

automated inventory control tool

bascket analysis tool

third year school project

bascket analysis tool

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My journey as a software developer

I'd like to share with everyone a passion project that i have been wanting to share as I face these challenges head-on. "My journey as a software developer" will be a weekly vlog series documenting my journey as i grow and horn my skills in the field of software development. Subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me as I journey through this new and exciting challenge.

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My life as a developer

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    Welcome to my blog site

    Having pushed this far, I welcome you to my blog site. hoping that it will be a place that you will be eager to know what will happen next. unsplash-logoKatie Moum | Mon Oct 2019

    Who am I

    Still searching for my purpose in life. - what will I do when my well runs dry.sometimes I feel like I should stop trying to do anything and just relax but there is this feeling, eager to learn more about different technologies that exist. When to know and understand how… | Wed Oct 2019

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